CHEMICAL NAME: Phosphorodithioic acid, mixed O, O-bis( 2-ethylhexyl and iso-Bu) esters, zinc salts
CAS NO: 68442-22-8


Active Content(%) 50 Carrier EPDM
Appearance Milk white translucence Granules Purity 98%
Sulfur Content 8.7 Sulfur content 17.6-18.5
Density(g/Cm³) 1.20 Heating loss content 0.5% max
Composition Mixture of 50% Phosphorodithioic acid, mixed O, O-bis(2-ethylhexyl and iso-Bu) esters, zinc salts and 50% polymer and dispersing agent

※Binder type can be customized. Except EPDM, others binders, such as SBR, NBR also can be available for.


ZBOP is a special accelerator for EPDM which contains sulphur, ZnO, thiazoles and thiurams accelerant.
It can lead to high degree of cross-linking and no blooming with maximum usage dosages recommended.
ZBOP masterbatch has processing safety and storage stability.
As an ingredient of effective vulcanization system it is an accelerator for vulcanization of rubber such as NR, IR, BR, NBR, IIR, etc and its vulcanizate has excellent heat resistance.
It is an assistant accelerator with thiazoles, thiurams, sulfenamides for vulcanization of EPDM and NR.
There is no hazardous nitrosamines during curing process.


Engineering molded and extruded products such as films, tyre buffer layers, rubber fenders, seals, etc.


For NR: 2-3phr;
For SBR/NBR: 2-3phr;
For EPDM: 2-3phr.


Net weight 25kg/PE bags lined carton; Net weight 600 kg/pallet.
Shelf-life: 1 year in its original packaging.
Stored in a dry and cool place.

Compared to traditional ZBOP liquid, YLSCH-RBB® ZBOP-50GE F140 allows:

Avoidance of smelly pungent odor of ZBOP liquids due to masterbatch with slight odor, production environment improver.
Effective guarantee of activity of ZBOP due to pre-dispersed masterbatch.
Tack free products at room temperature, convenience and accuracy on ingredients.
Lower Mooney viscosity at lower temperature (50℃), higher quality of dispersion.
Impurity free, blocked filter free of extrusive products, scrap rate reduction and higher productivity thanks to filtration.
Wider compatibility with other elastomers.